What’s the dealio?

Do I need a competition license?

To race Speed Ventures Super GT you will need a Speed Ventures competition license. To do this you will need to have upgraded to SV Advanced group (Red). Once you are approved fro Red Group, you will contact Christian, Adam or Aaron at SV to schedule an Check Ride in Red Group. This is specific session where an instructor from SGT will be on track with you ( in another car) to evaluate your situational awareness and basic car control. The instructor will make close passes, blocks and generally keep you busy trying to keep track of them. This eval is not about speed or lap times. It is about safety and understanding of basic wheel to wheel racing etiquette.

Once you have been cleared by the SGT instructor, you will receive your SV Competition license. Get your car teched by SV and you are ready to race. SV does not automatically waiver in comp license holders from other series. You will still need the check ride.

Getting your car teched

Your car and driver safety gear must have a Super GT annual tech sticker to be allowed to race. You can get your car teched at any Speed Ventures event with appointment, at any Supermiata/Super GT event without appointment, at 949 Racing in Lake Forest with appointment.

Is Super GT 13/13?

No. 13/13 refers to gentlemans racing rule that puts a driver under a 13 month probation for any contact and disqualified from competing for 13 months for a second contact during that 13 month probation period. While rule #1 in Super GT driver conduct section specifically requires to always avoid contact even if they had right to the track position, we understand that minor rubbing may occur without significant permanent damage or loss of track position. We won’t ban you for 13 months if someone over shoots a turn and puts a donut on your door. That said, we simply to don’t allow over aggressive driving or “stand your ground” style of defense if it results in contact. Drivers will be fined and DQ’d for any dangerous driving. We also recognize that while a driver may not technically be at fault during one contact, we observe that “drivers not at fault” that still somehow manage to have a lot of contact.. are doing something wrong. SGT is not like budget enduro series or some other national sanctioning body races where frequent contact is ignored.