2019 Super GT Rules – updated 08/19/19

Click download link above for full rules set. Below is just an overview of car performance prep

All FWD, AWD, RWD platforms allowed

Min comp weight 2100 lbs, 3500 lbs max comp weight

10.5 lbs/hp, no other modifiers

10.5 lbs tq cap, per pound of comp weight, no other modifiers 
-dynojet, 3 pulls within 2 minutes, SAE corrected

-Power area measured at the highest 7 points in 500 rpm increments (3000rpm). Total of 7 points divided by 7 must be less than 91% of peak whp value
Tires: Any 100tw. Allowed exceptions;  Toyo RR, Hankook RS4, Maxxis VR1. No other tires above or below 100tw unless specifically listed here.
Any wheel.
Single element rear wing, max chord 11″
-max width same as body
-max end plate area, 180sq/in
Vertical air dam may be added. 
Splitter or spoiler max 4″ from plumb line off forward most point of OEM body.
-max width splitter= the outer edge of tires when pointed straight.

Front bumper skin may be replaced with aftermarket provided no spoiler or splitter area protrudes more than 4″ from plumb line off forwardmost point.

Rear bumper skin may be cut or trimmed. No aerodynamic elements may be added to rear bumper skin.
Front undertray to front bulkhead/firewall.
No diffusers.
Any brakes. Must be iron rotors.

Brake ducts may be added.                                   

Holes in bodywork for cooling may be added. Cooling holes may not generate downforce.

Any transmission, shift linkage in OEM location. No dog box or sequential. 
Any clutch.
Any diff.
Any diff ratio.
Any motor mount.
Any trans mount.
Any diff mount.
Subframes may be modified only for additional strength or to allow alternate engine mounts. 
-Non OEM tubular front subframe only allowed if necessary for engine swap.
Any radiator.
Any ECU.
Any shock. Semi-active suspension no allowed.
Any shock mount.
Engine, free.
Maximum ethanol content 85%.
Any wiring harness.
No ECU map switch in car or via Bluetooth. Map switch only via cable.
Battery may be relocated.
Any sway bar or end link.
Any suspension bushing.
Interior may be gutted.
All windows may be replaced with polycarbonate. Acrylic not allowed. Min thickness front, .375″. Rear .125″
A maximum of two individual spherical bearings may be used in suspension, in addition to any bearings used in shock mounts or end links.
A maximum of two individual control arms may be any type provided they retain OEM pivot locations.
Bumpsteer correction allowed. 
Roll center correction allowed provided it is bolt on and attached to OEM mounting points.
Any camber adjustment allowed.
Seam weld tub allowed.
No restrictions on cage attachment points.
No part of tub may be removed except area in front of radiator, between frame rails for cooling.
Any bolt on body part with OEM shape, materials free.
Fender flares allowed.

Vented hoods allowed. Total vent area cannot exceed 30% of total hood area. No part of vent may protrude more than 1″ from OEM hood surface.
Exhaust must exit behind driver.

Engine may be relocated a maximum of 1″ any any direction from OEM location.
Radiator may be relocated provided it is entirely within OEM body profile.
Roof may be removed. Driver must wear arm restraints if roof is removed.