Why Super GT?

With the success of the Supermiata S1 formula, we realized we were on to something. We nailed the right combination of cost containment, fun to drive and sexy factor. We decide to expand the rule set to allow any platform as long as it stayed within the allowed mods and power to weight ratio.

Outline of Super GT build

Most modern performance cars don’t need a lot of help in the aero department outside of a simple splitter and basic wing on the trunk. More that gets gets expensive and difficult to tune. At only 10.5:1 power to weight, most performance cars will have no trouble meeting the power cap on stock long blocks, a few bolts on and good tune. For tires, we all love Hoosiers but they are not cost effective. At the other end of the spectrum lies the current crop of ultra soft “Super 200’s”. Those tires while grippy, wear too fast and due to the tread squirm, generate a lot of heat. Fine for time attack but no good for w2w racing. That leaves the medium and hard compound race specific tires in the 100tw category. The one outlier is the Toyo RR at 40tw that wears like a 100tw so we included it. Click the Rules tab for detailed info on the car configurations allowed.

How and where we race

Super GT runs exclusively with Speed Ventures in southern California. SV supplies full club race style EMS/ fire safety as well as insurance for the events. This reduces entry fees to just a few bucks more than HPDE.

Typical race weekend

  • 6-8am Tech Saturday morning before 8am. If car has previously been teched, you can skip this step
  • 7:30am Drivers meeting (including HPDE)
  • 8am First practice session
  • 10am 2nd practice session
  • Noon 3rd practice session
  • 2pm Qualifying
  • 4-5pm Race
  • 5:30pm Awards
  • 6-9pm BBQ. Free for drivers and crew. Sponsored by 949 Racing
  • Sunday Race is usually around noon so folks can load up and hit the road sooner

Race Format

  • 4 SuperSprints per weekend. 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.
  • Races are all standing start
  • Saturday Race grid set by qualifying
  • Race 2,3,4 are all inverted grid. We swap positions on track during cooldown lap/formation lap for 2nd & 4th race
  • Races are generally short, 12-15 minutes each. Just long enough to string out, fight for a few laps, get the checkered then do it all over again.

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